Who we are and What we do:

U.S. Procurements was born from a teenage obsession for building unique motor vehicles and turned into a reality in 2002. Spending my early twenties in the USA, many lifetime relationships were formed creating a unique network for obtaining and importing unique, classic, rare or difficult OEM or aftermarket parts, vehicles new or old and personal items.

U.S. Procurements distributes exclusively the PROLONG range of SUPER LUBRICANTS, EVAPO-RUST, WHITE WIZARD, CROW SAFETY EQUIPMENT and the STOPTECH range of callipers, brake rotors, pads and braking components.

We pride ourselves in the high standard of products offered and customer service given from the home handyman level to gobal corporations serviced throughout Australasia.

Advice is always freely given, so if you have any queries obtaining or re-building your American dream-car, truck or UTV, give us a call.