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Prolong® Super Lubriants:  Your favorite car products work great on the farm!

From the world famous Engine Treatment® to the jack-of-all-trades SPL100® Prolong Super Lubricants has you covered all the way from the garage to the farm.
Prolong Lubricants Agricultural

Here are some uses for Prolong Super Lubricants' premium lubricant line outside of the garage in any environment

The world famous Prolong Engine Treatment can be used in all gas and diesel engines to reduce friction and extend the life of all engines two stroke or four stroke - gas or diesel. It and will keep the even the oldest engines purring. Our signature EP-2 Grease lubricates while keeping dirt out. Try it out today and we know you'll be back for more! Got rusty hinges and tools that can't seem to stay quiet? SPL cleans out corrosion, lubricates the metal and protects from dirt. Modern components can overheat and strain your tractors transmission. With Prolong's Transmission Treatment you are protected from high temperatures which your tractor which saves you in the long haul.

Works In Any Weather

Whether it's wind, rain, sun or snow know that you're protected by Prolong. Our premium line of lubricants have been tested in extreme conditions to ensure that everything under the hood stays that way.

Toolbelt Staple

With so many uses from freeing sliding doors, cleaning and lubricating chains,to sealing up outdoor appliances, SPL100® is perfect for your tool belt with both 12oz aerosol for quick coverage outdoors or 16oz pump sprayer for more precise jobs.

Purchasing Sizes

We offer our premium lubricants in pocket sizes all the way up to large drums.