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POMONA, Calif. – ATVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers and weed whackers have one thing in common — they aren’t usually fired up every day. That means engine oil isn’t lubricating these motors’ many vital parts. To continue delivering optimal performance, these engines require greater protection from their two greatest threats — heat and friction. Prolong® Super Lubricants Engine Treatment is designed to deliver ongoing protection for all two- or four-cycle engines.

Weed Trimmer & Lawn Mower

Formulated with the company’s exclusive Anti-Friction Metal Treatment™ (AFMT), Prolong Engine Treatment doesn’t mix with oil; it uses oil, either synthetic or petroleum, to carry it to the engine’s metal surfaces where molecules in the treatment chemically bond to moving parts, providing lubrication that cools and protects. And because Prolong’s engine treatment is physically attached to the engine’s metal parts, it won’t drain into the sump or become dislodged at engine shut-off.
“Prolong Engine Treatment can help restore engine efficiency and optimize fuel economy for these smaller, rapidly cycling motors”. “Because Prolong Engine Treatment adheres to metal, the engine is protected even when the motor oil is not yet fully circulating.”
Prolong’s Engine Treatment is recommended for use as part of the engine’s ongoing maintenance routine, and should be poured directly into the crankcase before the engine’s first use. As for the best ratio of treatment to oil, a rule of thumb is to use five percent engine treatment to "the oil volume" portion only of the fuel mix for two-cycle and 10 percent engine treatment of oil volume for four-cycle motors.
Prolong products contain no solid particles, such as PTFE resins, ‘molys’, zinc, copper or graphite and do not alter the viscosity of the motor oil or transmission fluid.