StopTech Racing Brake Pads

  • Optimized friction levels for shortest stops

  • Engineered for extreme temperatures

  • Superb modulation and release characteristics

  • Low compressibility for precise pedal actuation

  • Excellent pad and rotor life


StopTech Brake Fluid

  • STR-600 for high performance street applications and STR-660 for racing applications

  • DOT 4 motor vehicle brake fluid

  • Engineered to optimize brake system performance at high operating temperatures

  • Maintains excellent viscosity, lubricity and non-compressibility even at severe racing temperatures

  • Special metal container gives the fluid up to 25 percent longer shelf life


Titanium Nose Piston Assemblies

  • Unique patented design blocks thermal radiation from backing plates

  • Castellation reduces contact area, minimizing heat conduction and maximizing convection cooling

  • Low-profile design allows for thicker pad volume

  • Works with existing StopTech calipers that have dust boot grooves

  • Machined piston nose eliminates flex found in stamped titanium shims

  • Aluminum piston and titanium nose assembly allows for caliper-matched expansion rates

StopTech Trophy Race Caliper Components and Pads

  StopTech Race Trophy Caliper Components and Pads

StopTech Trophy Race calipers have gone through extensive design and testing. Components have been put through corrosion, heat, and brake dyno testing.  Caliper bodies have weight optimizing design and manufacturing elements in a hard anodized finish.  Use of incorrect components on StopTech caliper may result in damage and/or failure