StopTech® offers a number of different brake rotors for a variety of applications. Whether it's for a daily driver, a work vehicle or a race car, all StopTech® rotors provide improved cooling, manufacturer equivalent or better specifications and a number of innovative design details that result in optimal stopping power.

Performance Brake Rotor Choices

A brake rotor’s primary function is to store and release thermal energy that is generated during the braking process. At first glance, two rotors from different manufacturers may appear to be identical, however, quality and performance cannot be determined by simply comparing the outside dimensions or aesthetics of the discs. Vane design, chemistry, metallurgy, casting methods and machining technique all contribute to the function of the disc once it is placed in service.

StopTech® has the engineering and R&D resources to test rotors on one of three Link brake dynamometers, on street and track vehicles, and in the laboratory. StopTech and Centric Premium brake rotors are designed, engineered, and built to offer significant braking advantages over OEM parts.

Which StopTech Replacement Rotor is Right For You?


StopTech AeroRotors®

StopTech's patented AeroRotors® are 2-piece replacement rotors featuring a billet aluminum AeroHat® and AeroRotor® friction ring. These rotors feature a patented AeroVane® optimal cooling vane design to improve rotor airflow, cooling and heat capacity. This improved directional design minimizes turbulence and flows up to 61% more air than any rotor tested. Better airflow means better cooling and less fade.

The 2-piece design of the StopTech® AeroRotors® allows for independent expansion of the rotor and hat without coning. Additionally, AeroRotor® assemblies are up to 8 pounds lighter than stock rotors and are available either drilled or slotted. An optional anti-corrosion gold zinc coating benefits customers who live in cold climates, where snow and road salt are commonly encountered. Zinc coating also benefits customers who prefer no visible surface rust on the vanes and outer circumference of rotors.

StopTech® AeroRotors® are 100% made in the USA, with both casting and machining taking place in California.

sport rotor

StopTech® Sport Rotors.

StopTech® Sport Rotors are direct replacement discs for your factory brake system and stock calipers. They offer improved cooling as well as other advantages the competition doesn't offer.

Slotting and/or cross-drilling helps wipe away the debris that forms between the pad and the disc, adds more bite, and can help the rear brakes to match the aesthetics of a front big brake kit. The rotor finish helps prevent glazing of the pads and improves wet and dry braking performance.

Additionally, StopTech® Sport Rotors feature a durable black e-coating on the non-swept areas of the rotor to prevent corrosion.

All StopTech® Sport Rotors are also available cryogenically treated to better align the molecular structure of the disc for enhanced durability and longer life. When so treated, they are known as StopTech Cryo® rotors.


Centric® Premium Rotors

Centric® Premium Rotors are blank, 1-piece, direct replacement discs for your factory brake system. They feature Original Equipment specifications and production processes. Centric® rotors are manufactured to meet QS and ISO Quality System Standards.

Like many StopTech rotors, Centric® Premium Rotors offer several key advantages over stock rotors:

  • E-Coating - Electrocoating finish that provides long lasting corrosion protection.
  • Double Disc Ground - Double disc grinding eliminates run out and allows more effective pad-rotor break in.
  • Machined Finishes - 100% fully machined finishes provide better rotor balance and a more finished look.
  • Symmetric Vanes - Symmetric vane castings provide proper heat transfer and thermal efficiency.
  • Mill Balancing - Mill balanced to reduce feedback associated with rotor vibration.